National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum, Akron, Ohio, USA

Source: Douglas Sacha / Getty

Ohioans are looking forward to the day we can all step outside and not be afraid of catching a deadly virus.

As of today that day may never come, well we will get to go outside, but the coronavirus will still be with us even in the time of Recovery. There will stile precautions that citizens will have to take, and businesses will have to have a new plan of work implanted to protect the health of their employees.

Governor Mike DeWine did state that there is a responsible plan to open up the state of Ohio.

May 1st is when the Stay At Home Order will be lifted, but we will slowly work together to to get the state back opened up.

As citizens of Ohio and essential workers we have to do our part to continue to help keep the curve of the coronavirus flattened.

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