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I am thankful to be apart of such an amazing career and close knit family. The world of radio is huge I am sure but to be ion the hip hop, alternative culture, if you’re some body then you know everybody. June will be my 5th year in this industry and the one thing I love most about it, is YOU! The listeners the people who ask the questions, want answers, change, and even a chance to do some winning. I love waking up to make an IMPACT on the life of someone else, this industry has given me the platform to do just that.

Honestly I had no idea the day before Valentine Day was World Radio Day, but I am glad that one of the best forms of communication is RADIO. Although a lot of people believe it is dying, out  but don’t believe the HYPE radio is not going anywhere. The people need radio, and radio needs the people.


World Radio Day, Micah Dixon  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com